Caio Swim's Commitment to the Planet

Made to Last, For You and for a for a Cleaner Planet

At Caio Swim, we are committed to reducing our impact on the planet. We are determined to find eco-friendly solutions to packaging, while reducing waste through making quality products that will last.  

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Eco-friendly packaging 

We opt for eco-friendly packaging solutions wherever possible as we are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact to help preserve the world for future generations.

Packaging waste is a harmful aspect of shopping from ecommerce boutiques, and although there is nothing better than receiving elaborate and exciting packaging, they contribute to massive amounts of waste.

Therefore, at Caio Swim we have decided to be mindful with our packaging, through making sustainable choices to provide modern and premium packaging while also minimising waste.

Whatever plastics are used in our packaging, please recycle them appropriately. We aim to eliminate all plastic use eventually, as we find more sustainable options for our brand.

Reducing Waste

Style doesn’t need to be harmful. This is another reason making sure our products were durable was critical to us.

By ensuring our swimwear pieces are made to last, wastage of fabric is minimised as well as landfill waste, as our customers are less likely to wear through our pieces quickly, resulting in waste.

By creating durable and timeless products, it pleases the customer as well as protects the environment. A double win. 

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 As a small business we understand the responsibility we have to the planet and we will continue to work towards being an eco-friendly and sustainable brand.


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