The Shopify data team has estimated that “For every package shipped, roughly one kilogram of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere.” Our carbon footprint plays a role directly in this, and here at Caio Swim, we have made a commitment to the planet, to our customer and to ourselves that we will do everything in a power to minimise our environment impact. 

To help combat this, we have enrolled in a carbon offsetting program, to reduce our impact on the environment by neutralising our shipping emissions.

Jari Pará Conservation Project

The specific project we are contributing to, is the Jari Pará Forest Conservation Project, where they fight deforestation, prevent illegal timber poaching and thus protect biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest. The money we donate, allows the Jari Pará project to invest in more resources to aid them in their cause. 

Jari Pará is a Verified Carbon Standard certified project, monitored by Pachama to ensure international standards are met and provide up to date data. 

Supporting conservation projects, and climate change missions is important to us at Caio Swim, and we are proud to be working with these companies in their carbon offset projects.

The money donated to this project has two primary goals:

  1. Protecting existing trees, that already absorb carbon and provide the world with their lungs.
  2. Planting new trees, so that we may combat deforestation and they may grow to absorb carbon in the future

 amazon rainforest

Carbon offsets are not a perfect answer

While its important to choose sustainable solutions in our business practises, we are aware of the limitations of carbon offsets. It will not eliminate our carbon footprint, but it will help in reducing the impact overall. 

Caio Swim will continue to find eco-friendly alternatives, and minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible.